Complementary Agile Services

If Agile Development is failing you in any way, including those mentioned below, then we can help you get back on track

Is your high level architecture looking like a collection of poorly related components?

Is your Object Oriented design a major distortion of the business objects and difficult to relate to the changing business requirements?

Is the agile concept only applicable to the development process but not the resulting code?

Are your equally important NFR’s receiving a far lower priority that the FR’s?

DRY paradox: Is excessive refactoring to avoid code repetition introducing too much repetition in effort and time?

Are you maintaining a clear understanding of the business rational for the project?

Are your developers writing code and components that can easily be understood by other stakeholders?

Are your developers gold plating?

Are you modeling too much directly in code and not using minimal, well targeting modeling techniques like UML?

Are you failing to exploit the huge advantages of Object Orientation and Design Patterns?


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